KMOX Holiday Radio Show

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KMOX Holiday Radio Show

Monday, December 16, 2019 @ 7:00 PM

This year's play "Don't Forget to Remember the Future" is a boy-meets-girl comedy about a Chicago man and a St. Louis woman. Amy Marxkors plays a St. Louis woman who hates all things Chicago, forced to work in an office alongside Chicago man Chris Hrabe. The pair get caught up in a Christmas caper, when Amy's socialist-leaning college-age brother, Charlie Brennan, is assigned to kidnap the CEO of a local social media company for a Bitcoin ransom. Amy's eccentric parents are played by her singing mom Debbie Monterey, and Amy's daydreaming dad Ryan Wrecker, who is working on a fool-proof new system to win the lottery.

KMOX stars Carol Daniel, Mark Reardon, Roger Brand, Hancock and Kelley, and the entire staff will play hernia-ripping roles in this laughter-every-minute comedy.

Based on actual events that have yet to happen, this year's KMOX Holiday Radio Show is destined to be one of the funniest, and certainly the most recent. Don't miss out. Find out what it's like to be there in person.

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$25 orchestra
$20 front balcony
$11.20 rear balcony

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