Storm Large and Le Bonheur

Storm Large and Le Bonheur id=

Storm Large and Le Bonheur

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 8:00 PM

An astonishing singer.
A striking beauty.
Who is this funny, this fierce, and this vulnerable?
Who is this good?
With a killer band?
It never comes together like this. Not like this.
She might sort of change your life.
Kind of almost like take you over a little bit?
You might just quit your job and start following her tour around.

When she is not with her band (including two members of Everclear), Storm fronts Pink Martini and symphony orchestras. This is a different Storm - a sexed-up, powerhouse club rocker, a soulful, spiritual secular hymnodist, an enthralling storyteller made all the more so by her band's impossibly evocative underscoring. And a voice that wrestles with the gods.

Caution: Lyrics contain adult themes.

Presented by The Sheldon and Presenters Dolan

Sponsored by Alison and John Ferring
With support from Dr. Amy Mosher & Dr. Marlys Schuh, and Leslie and Michael Lackey

Ticket Prices

$55 front orchestra
$45 remaining orchestra
$40 front balcony
$35 rear balcony

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